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Programmatic Digital Marketing

One World - One Voice

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Service Description

Target users based on their location as granular as a ZIP code and as broad as a country. A tactic of detecting a website visitor’s location to serve location-based content or advertisements. End users will be served digital banner ads based on the location of their IP address. These tactics are the foundation for any campaign. Tracking a user’s location gives you insight into their lifestyle and habits. A tactic that serves ads to users who have previously visited advertiser’s website. Example: the user was searching for a vacation package on, now the user is on and now sees a digital banner ad for served to them on their mobile phone. Targeting specific consumers based on their characteristics, behavior, lifestyle, hobbies etc. This can include specific demographic segments. Available on desktop and mobile. Find individuals using preferences, lifestyles, interests, purchase history, political views, etc. Target a very defined or small geographic location to serve ads to users within that area during a specific time. Example: the end user enters the Geo-Fenced area within 5 miles from a pizza restaurant and a digital banner ad is served directly to their mobile devices. All user within the designated Geo-fenced area will receive the banner ad on their mobile devices. Target mobile users at their current location, in real-time.

Contact Details

+ 1 4044883430

737 Veterans Pkwy, Jonesboro, GA 30238, USA

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